IELTS Listening Free Online Class

Date: Monday, November 20, 2017
Time: 6.00 —7.30 PM
Time Zone: Eastern Standard Time
Mode: Live Online

What will you learn during the free class?

1. What to expect on the IELTS Speaking Test
2. Part 1 Questions
3. A Model to answer “First time/last time” Questions
4. What to do to improve your Grammar and Vocabulary
5. The use of Simple Past in English

What is a virtual class?

A virtual class is a live online class. It is similar to a traditional class: you view presentations and videos, communicate live with the other participants and the instructor, ask questions, and engage with IELTS speaking exercises individually or in work groups.
You attend the virtual class in the comfort of your own home. You need a reliable internet connection and a computer or cell phone to attend the virtual class. Cameras, microphones or headphones are optional.

The instructor

Kris has taught IELTS for 20 years in Europe and North America. Currently, he teaches IELTS at George Brown College, Toronto.
Kris has a Diploma (DELTA) from University of Cambridge, an MA in English Teaching from University of Leicester (UK), and a PhD from Aston University (UK).
Check Kris’ Linkedin profile here.

Why is the class Free?

This is the First Class of a 7-day IELTS Speaking Preparation Course. The class is free because we want to give you an opportunity to see how our writing strategies and techniques can help you improve your IELTS Band Score.
After attending the free class, if you wish to attend the full 7-day course, you need to pay the full fee (USD$99). Click here to see the program for this course.