IELTS Strategies

It’s very tiring to listen to every single word and understand everything the speaker says. You need to know what words to listen for and when to follow the tape to get the right answers in the listening test. Strategies can help you become a more skillful listener.

There is simply not enough time to read all the passages and complete 40 questions in 60 minutes. You need to know how and where to find each answer in the reading text. Strategies can help you beat the clock.

You simply cannot write what you want in the introduction, body paragraphs, and the conclusion of  an essay.  You need to write what    examiners want to see. Strategies can help you write appropriate introductions, body paragraphs and conclusions.

You simply cannot score Band 7.0 and above in IELTS without daily practice. Once you know about different questions examiners ask during the interview, you will need to learn from model answers and practice at home. Strategies will give you a Speaking  Band 7.0.

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