One-on-one Classes: Questions & Answers

How are classes delivered?

All classes are delivered online, through Skype.

What do you teach during each class?
Each class focuses on a particual type of task/sub-skill. For example, if you want to improve your IELTS Band Score in Reading, the first class will focus on the steps to follow to complete Heading Exercises. The Second Class on the steps to follow to complete multiple choice tasks, and so on.
How long is each class?
Each class lasts for 60 minutes.
Can I book a two-hour class?
Yes. You can book two consecutive classes of 60 minutes.
Can I work on my writing and my reading during a 60-minute class?
No. Each class focuses on ONE skill only, i.e. either reading, or writing task 1, or writing task 2, or speaking, or listening.
How many hours/classes do I need to improve my reading or writing?

It usually takes 4-6 hours to cover the reading strategies, 8-10 hours to cover the strategies for writing Task 1 and Task 2, 4 hours to cover the listening strategies, and 4-6 hours to cover the speaking strategies.
This varies from one test taker to another.

Do I have to complete homework?
Yes. During each class, the instructor will show you the steps to follow to improvem one skill (i.e. either writing, or reading, or listening, or speaking). The instructor will give you homework to practice the strategies.
Do you check my work?
Yes. You will be asked to send the instructor your homework by email.
How much is each class?
The cost is 30 Euros for a 60-minute class.
Do you offer a trail class?
Yes. The first class is an introductory class. You pay a reduced fee of 10 Euros for a 50-minute class.
Can I book a class online?
Yes. Click on the date/time that works best for you to book a class online.