About “IELTSWebinars7”

Quick Answers

What is “IELTSWebinars7”?

IELTSWebinars7 is an IELTS Preparation School located in Toronto, Canada. The school prepares test takers around the globe to pass successfully the IELTS test. It offers IELTS preparation courses for both the academic and the general test.

All IELTS Preparation courses are delivered through webinars. During the webinars, students are shown the procedure to complete different IELTS listening and reading exercises (i.e. where and how to find the answer), as well as the writing and speaking techniques they need to follow (i.e. how to write and IELTS essay and how to speak coherently).

Students practice the strategies at their own home. They also complete a test at the end of the course. Students received personalized feedback throughout the IELTS Preparation course they attend.

How many courses are offered?

IELTSWebinars7 offers the following eight IELTS preparation courses:

1 – Writing Task 1 (Academic Test)
2 – Writing Task 2 (Academic Test)
3 – Reading (Academic Test)
4 – Speaking (Academic and General Test)
5 – Listening (Academic and General Test)
6 – Writing Task 1 (General Test)
7 – Writing Task 2 (General Test)
8 – Reading (General Test)

How long is each course?

Each IELTS preparation course lasts for seven days.

Are all courses delivered through webinars?

Yes. Students need to attend six 60-minute webinars for each IELTS preparation course. They complete a full test on Day 6.

Do I have to complete homework?

Yes. During the webinars we show you the procedure to follow to pass IELTS listening, reading, writing, and speaking test successfully. At home you complete different listening, reading, writing, and speaking exercises to practice the strategies. You also complete a mock exam at the end of each course.

Do you check my work?

Yes. We check your homework and give you feedback on what you are doing alright and what you need to do to improve your skills.

How much is each course?

USD $99.